Our ethos

The key to improving the local environment and the success of most voluntary groups lies in raising awareness and encouraging residents to look after their community.

We can all help protect and preserve our local area through careful behaviour and voluntary activities.

What is Action for Stannington?

Action for Stannington is a public awareness campaign inviting people to take positive action towards issues such as littering and thoughtful use of resources.

We organise group events to contain the problem e.g. “Spring Clean”, whilst on the other hand we strive to find long term solutions e.g. co-operation with schools and promotion of recycling.

Every member of Action for Stannington is an unpaid volunteer dedicating their time towards a cleaner, greener and safer neighbourhood.



All donations received are reinvested into our community making Stannington a better place for all!

Become a


If you want to make a difference why not volunteer with us? Even just a couple of hours a month makes a difference!

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